A morning at Pondicherry

This Gaddi dog accompanied us along whole trek down the mountain with his name changing more than 4 times on the way

Meet a Friend
from the Mountains

Was pretty good at posing with killer looks
Knew pretty well to carry itself, taking a nap at breaks, asking and giving love, doing the usual things dogs need to do
Seemed like he knew the best places for a good view

Solar system objects and events

Lunar Eclipse 31 Jan 2018
Mercury Transit 2019
Solar Eclipse 21 Jun 2020
Comet C/2020 F3 Neowise

4 Vesta ( the brightest of the asteroids ) passing through Cancer 🦀

Untracked Deepsky

These images are attempts to capture the deepsky objects. I just had a tripod mounted DSLR so no tracking to counter the motion due to rotation of earth. The images were captured mostly at 1.6 sec or 1.3 sec whichever best for the object, though a bit of trailing of stars is visible and noise due to high ISO, background signal and vignetting. 

Building a tracker still remains as an unfinished project.

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